Rally People.
Make it Happen.

Rallygate is the Winner of the Swedish Venture Cup 2014 regional finals. Sweet.

How? It’s Simple.

1. Set a Target

Create a new rally for your event or activity and set the minimum number of people you need to make it happen. Nobody's account will be charged till this minimum is reached or exceeded.

2. Rally People

Share and reach out to anyone you'd want to join - could be your closest friends, could be the world! Since they'll only be charged if the target is reached, there's zero risk for them or you.

3. Get Paid

Once your rally reaches its target or more, transactions are effected and you're all set to go out and make it happen. Target not reached? Simple, no one pays anything.

Ready to make it happen?

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Some Common Questions

Is it free to create a rally?

Yes, you can create as many rallyies as you like for free on Rallygate. You only pay a small platform fee on the total sum collected if the rally is a success.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is an idea for something you need to collect money for - it might be the cost of a gift for your best friend’s wedding or the rent of a venue for your band’s next gig.

What happens if I don’t reach my goal?

Nothing! All pre-approved transactions are cancelled and that’s the end of it. This means no hassle for you and no concerns for the people contributing to your rally.

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